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Team Shirt:

Team t-shirt is included with registration. Parents have the option to buy additional t-shirts when registering their swimmers. 

Swim Cap: 

We highly recommend wearing a swim cap. They reduce hydrodynamic drag while swimming but most of all it keeps the hair out of the face. We will be selling our team cap the first day of practice.

Team Suit:

A team suit is not required but highly recommended. A black suit will work just fine.

A competition suit for meets is supposed to fit snuggly. Suits should not bunch and straps should be snug. Jammers should be tight on the waist/legs. If the suit goes on too easily, it might be a little too big.

team t-shirt 2022

Team T-Shirt $15


Ladies Tank.png

Ladies Tank



Men Tank.png

Men Tank



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Swim Cap



TCS Suit Girls.jpg

Sporti Paint Splatter Thin Strap One Piece Swimsuit Color Green/Multi


Click for girls suit   Youth Size (22-28)

Click for girls suit   Adult Size (26-40)

TCS Suit Boys.jpg

Sporti Paint Splatter Piped Spliced Jammer Swimsuit Color Green/Multi

Click for boys suit  Youth Size (22-28)

Click for boys suit  Adult Size (26-40)